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Konstantine E. Dimakis
Executive Manager
Konstantine E. Dimakis currently serves as President of SilkRidge Capital Partners, Inc and Executive Manager of SilkRidge Capital Management, LLC. Mr. Dimakis also serves as Chairman of First National Assurance & Guaranty Corp’s Board of Directors and Chairman of First European Capital Corporation. 

Mr. Dimakis has served as President and co-Chairman of Capital 1 Corp, as a Director and Chairman of Hypobache AGBH and, most recently, as Chairman of FSCM Bank. 

Mr. Dimakis serves or has served, as a Director on the Boards of many companies including Zucher SauB, Mirabaud, Clariden Bach, Coutts BACB, Sarasin, Aufthauser and Bauman Cieb. From 1995 through 2002, Mr. Dimakis served as Vice-Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Corporation. Prior to 1995, Mr. Dimakis served as Executive Vice-President and General Counsel for Heritage Corporation and in various executive positions in Heritage’s subsidiaries and associated companies, including Webco Europe, Allied Capital, Beckwith, Elmtree International and Downsworth.